Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Becoming female again

I want to start with a short and simple blog to introduce myself, and give a general disclaimer to the trans community. 

I once considered myself to be an FTM trans person. I spent about five years living part time as a male. I desired to transition and looked forward to starting T and having top surgery. I got very close to making that dream come true and was then knocked on my ass by reality!

Something compelled me to do hard research on the trans issue. I explored it from all sides and looked at the evolution of transition over the past four decades. What I discovered scared me! As I continue to blog, I'll get more into my research findings...but for now I want to keep this short and sweet.

I also began to research the medical aspects of transition and was, again, shocked by what I discovered. There are many very negative aspects of transition that are kept from us and I hope that through this blog I can begin to expose some of these dangers.

I've also experienced a shift in the way that I understand Identity, gender, and the social construct of "dysphoria".

Before I go ahead with any more posts about these issues, I want to say a word to the trans community. I do believe that real dysphoria exists and that transition is warented in some cases. I believe that GID is being way WAY over diagnosed and several people are losing their true authentic selves as a result. Out of the hundreds of transmen that I have met in person and listened to on youtube...I can only think of 2 that actually meet the criteria of GID, and I believe for them transition was the only way. For the rest of the transmen that I have known I feel that they have been mislead and will later regret their transition.  It is not my intention to offend anyone.  I just want to educate and inform.

I want to thank Dirt for being one of the first brave souls to begin to tackle this subject. Although we do differ on a few key points, I believe that she is coming from the right place and wants to reach out and help people before they make a huge mistake. was your blog that prompted my research...Thank you!

Take care!,


  1. Hi Simplyme!
    We went both through similar experiences, and I pretty much agree with everything you said here.
    I will surely follow this blog! I also wrote more about these same topics on mine, and will continue doing so.

  2. Thanks for following! Hopefully we can get the word out and help some people!!