Sunday, December 26, 2010

you do have other options!

I watched two documentaries this weekend. One titled "regretters" and another titled " Born in the wrong body: A change of heart".  They were both very eye opening. And they both drove home the point that retransitioning and transition regret is much more common then what is reported.  The stories of the people on these documentaries is something all transgender people should listen to before they transition.

One man transitioned to being a women and lived that way for 19 years before he realized he made a mistake. He spoke about what a relief it was when he retransitioned and started living as male again.

The more I dig into this, the more I realize that transition is not the answer for most of the people that call themselves transgender. So many people I know are so obsessed with transition, or the fact that they are unable to do it, and they don't realize how unhappy they have become.

There is one person in particular that I am thinking about tonight. He was such a strong and beautiful women. He loved dressing up and being that women that could do all kinds of things in heals. He had a happiness to him that I have not seen since he came out as FTM. He had a peace about him and a growing sense of confidence that was apparent to all those around him.

You know, I've thought for a long time that I wouldn't feel authentic or truly happy until I transitioned and started living as male full time. But what I've discovered is that all I had to do was surrender and let go of the internal conflict I was experiencing. I had to let go of the gender binary and the idea that I had to be either male or female. All I had to do was let go and simply be myself. I don't need surgery or life threatening hormones to be me! All I had to do was let go. It's my hope that I can help other people to see that this is an option for them...that they don't have to destroy their bodies, families, and careers. Transition is only appropriate in cases where true dysphoria exists. Stop and think before you make a desicion you will regret!

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